Understanding Your Options for Home Lighting

When it comes to lighting a home, most people don’t think it’s all that difficult to figure out. However, there are different types of lighting, fixtures and applications that can quickly confuse people who thought lighting was simple. Lighting can be both practical as well as decorative. Understanding these aspects of lighting and coupling them with advance lighting technology aimed at better function and energy efficiency is the way to go. So when it comes to Design and Smart Lighting, there are a few things to consider.

Different Types of Lighting

First off, a homeowner will need to know that there are three different lighting categories. Understanding as well as using all these types of lighting can make a person’s home not only more well-lit, but it can also greatly benefit the design aesthetic. There are the three main lighting categories being general lighting, architectural lighting and task lighting.

General lighting may include main lighting fixtures over dinning room tables or in kitchens. Architectural lighting could include recessed lighting or landscape lighting. Task lighting is best summed up by work, table or standing lamps just to mention a few.


Lighting is practical and when a home lacks proper lighting it may look dark, drab and uninviting. If the ambiance light offered by the home is inadequate, some homeowners opt to upgrade the power as well as the number of general lighting features. However, many homeowners opt to add accent or architectural lighting to supplement an inadequate general lighting scheme.

Technological Advances

As it relates to technology, there are many things that can and are incorporated into modern lighting fixtures. The ability to accommodate LED lighting bulbs is huge from a longevity as well as an energy conservation standpoint. In addition smart lighting also has features where when the natural lighting level in a room reaches a certain level of darkness, the light automatically comes on. It does the same with higher light levels and automatically shuts off as well.

This is just a brief overview of the many options you’ll have to properly light your home. The fact is that there are many ways you can light your home for both function and style. Whether it’s under-counter lighting or a work lamp for your home office desk, choosing properly can make a huge difference in how your home function and looks.