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Teaching Children on Using the Potty

Teaching young children to be independent when doing some activities can be helpful even in the future when they are grown up. Potty training is one of the things that parents can teach their children starting at an early age to be able to use the bathrooms on their own. The process of potty training may be difficult, tiring and stressful but also very important because the patents get relieved of other tedious duties. Some factors need to be taken into consideration before deciding on whether the child is ready to start potty training. Potty training needs to be started once some signs likeability to dress up, walk and not wet the diapers, sit and stand up are observed usually at a certain age.

Parents and the children can turn the whole process into a fun thing to ensure quick learning time and enjoyment for both. Children may take a long time to learn how to use the potty and it is important for the parents to be patient with the children until they learn. A potty training chart is a tool designed to help parents during the process of teaching their children on using the potty. A sticker chart also helps in potty training by setting some goals that need to be achieved within given time durations. For each goal a specified amount of time is allocated and when the child achieves the goals they get rewarded with special items and appreciation.

It is possible to get a customized potty training chart template from the firm’s site that can be easily downloaded for free. For a child to learn the parents need to be consistent regarding the duration of time and the rewards as well as music and other aspects. If the parent decides not to dress the child with diapers during daytime they should stick to that routine and not alter it. To help children realize when its time to use the potty an alarm could be used to alert them when the time is due. To avoid boredom and increase the fun exciting books and kid’s songs can sing and toys played with while using the potty.

Children’s story books and magazines about using the potty can be placed just near the potty so that the child plays and reads to keep busy. Whenever the child achieves a goal regardless of how small it is important to show appreciation and congratulate them for encouragement. The sticker chart allows the child to use stickers of favorite characters to mark progress and receive rewards after completing the objectives. Games, new clothes, toys, visiting fun places and watching movies together can be ways of rewarding.

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