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How to Write a Three Act Structure Play

The structure of a play or story refers to the organized order of writing the ideas of a story. The model which a fiction narrative employs in dividing a story into three parts namely confrontation, setup and resolution, is called a three act structure. Characters are exposed to the audience in the first part of the story. Proper story building takes part in the second part which is also known as the rising action part. The third part is also called the climax of the story and it is the part where questions are answered. The advantage of three act structure in a story is that there is comprehension of the important aspects of a story through element and fiction structure studying. It may sometimes boost the readers’ urge to write their own stories. Employing of three act structure can be really important when one is planning to write a story. Here’s how to write a three act structure play for your audience.

An important tip when writing a three act structure play for your audience is giving them what they want. One may really wonder what the audience may really want in a story or play. The audience however usually has subconscious expectation of the things that will take place in a story. Therefore, this structure opens up the information in a manner that the audience easily forget that it is to come and remain tightly hooked to watching till the end. Through the employing of the three act structure, audience’s emotions become lively in both the experiences of the protagonist and main characters.

Encompassing two main things is another factor to consider when writing a three act structure play. These two main things are the form of story exposure to your audience and the content of your story are these two major things. Hence using a three act structure for your story keeps in consideration the flow of your story and your plot also.

Thirdly, another factor to consider when writing a three act structure play is proper pacing. Audience is kept in the edges of their seat when good pacing is employed. A fast pace makes the audience to have more expectation of what will happen in the following scene.

Using scenes for play writing is another important factor to consider when using three act structure for your play writing. For every scene that is written, there should be a clear overall goal. You should describe your location vividly. There should also be quite vivid description about a particular character. A good scene will give the change to your overall story.

Another factor to consider when writing a three act structure play is the outline of your play.

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