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Choosing a Wedding Venue

When planning a wedding, there are so many things you need to plan, for example, photography, clothing, catering, transportation, decor, and more. In this article, we are going to focus on choosing a venue. A venue has a huge role to play in making or breaking your wedding experience. This is because a poorly chosen venue might discourage guests from attending and you to be stuck in a car the better part of your big day. This is why you should be very selective regarding the venue. There are so many wedding venues and determining the best for your needs can appear daunting. To avoid disappointments, here are some of the things you should check when choosing a wedding venue.

First, check if the location of the venue. Is the venue you’re about to choose easy to find? Is it situated too near to the busy streets? Is that likely to cause unnecessary disturbances to the wedding and your guests? If the venue does not have a reception, choose one close to the wedding venue to ensure convenience for your guests and avoid the expenses of covering long distances.

Secondly, is there enough parking? Is the wedding venue offering parking that is adequate for your guests? If the venue does not have enough parking space, find a close-by parking lot or organize a shuttle service to the venue. Also, there are security concerns as you do not want your guests to be in lonely car parks or wandering the streets in the wee hours.

Thirdly, are the chairs, tables, and other essentials provided? When selecting a wedding venue, do not assume that all you see in the photos is included. While many venues provide tables, chairs, and other essentials, additional costs may be involved. And not every venue offers these things, the reason it is important to ask in advance.

Fourthly, is there in-house catering? Whether you intend to have some kind of buffet with snacks or serve a full-course dinner, it is important to know whether the venue has an internal catering service. If they do, are they ready to provide you with menu alternatives that suit your guests including gluten-intolerant guests, vegetarians, and the guests with religious food needs?

Next, is the wedding venue friendly to your budget? There are several venues to select from for your wedding and a number of them will be more appealing. However appealing a venue may be, it is not a perfect choice if it strains your budget. You should determine what is affordable then contact the venues you have found appealing to compare their rates. If a venue has what you need and is cost-friendly, you should go for it.

Finally, check the size. Choosing a venue of the appropriate size is crucial. The last thing you desire is to have guests sitting crowded together because the venue is too small. Also, you do not want to have a half-full room. You should decide what activities you will hold during your wedding and ensure the venue you choose will host them comfortably.

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