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Essentials of Building a Koi Pond

When it comes to making koi ponds, it is an interesting project and you get to be a pet owner in the end. A trip down history lane will show you many poets and even philosophers using the babbling of water and even the colorful fish in them as muse. Koi fish are famous for their fragile state and if you did not want to end up killing them, keeping them meant being dedicated to their care all the time and also being a patient person. There is plenty of practical advice and even admiration in the lovely communities the Koi aficionados form. Everyone can now take advantage of this feature thanks to modern technology. You ought to plan with the process and this involves setting your vision. Besides the money you will put into the process, you need to have a budget for the koi pond. Prior to cutting the materials, make sure you have measured everything twice. Another importance of the planning process is that you will have the opportunity to create a model of the koi pond you want in the end and even include the elements you will have to add to it. To make the process much simpler for you, pick a variety of layouts and also koi pond plans that might interest you and use them as a guide on the product you will choose eventually.

After defining your own vision, you can then work on establishing whether the ground you had initially picked for the pond will suffice. If you need healthy koi fish, the water has to be to a certain depth and there should be enough space for the fish to move around. The water clarity should be high for the fish to survive and you should design the pond in such a way that the fish will be able to get four hours of sunlight daily. Be prepared for clogged debris on a regular basis if you decide to locate your pond under trees and there is also something about having to clean debris on a regular basis. With small ponds, there will be heightened algae build up. You will always have clear water in large ponds because even with algae in water it will move around until it is clean again. When you are building a koi pond, have the water depth to be more than 3 feet. It should be between 3 and 5 feet. The fish will be able to hibernate in winter. It is okay to go deeper but the cost of constructing such a pond will be high. It is possible to maximize the space while minimizing the volume. You might have a problem establishing that but it is critical. Ensure there is ample water circulation for the health of the fish. Adding a moving element in the pond increases circulation. You can read more about this here.