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Bollywood New Year’s Eve Party London

London is overflowing with fantastic New Year’s Eve parties. One particular event anyone should consider joining is the Bollywood New Year’s Eve Party London.

London’s Bollywood New Year’s Eve party fundamentally imitates the costumes of Bollywood actors. The party is full of bright colors and alluring fabrics. Just to share the information, Bollywood plays as the primary piece of Indian culture.

Now if you are about to hold a Bollywood New Year’ Eve party London, you must secure the four common elements of a Bollywood party – musicality, fun, vibrant, and spicy. If you are able to successfully incorporate all these common factors, then you can be assured that your guests will be well entertained.

Theme of the Bollywood New Year’s Eve party

Your work is almost done if you will be able to know the theme of the Bollywood New Year’s Eve party. You can utilize the different Indian cinema from different ages. Golden era covers the period of the 1940s to 1960s. The 70s normally displays a vintage presence with sarees which are rigidly wrapped in the body. You also have the option to consider the 90s where there is more classic. Regardless what era you will choose, the brightness of the color must stay. Remember that Bollywood is supposedly vibrant and colorful, therefore you must make sure to deliver it well.

Where is your venue?Decide for the venue

Determine the best venue that is enough to cater to the total number of people that will be joining the party.

Get to the invites

Going with the theme of the party, you must get bright colors for your invitations.

Decide for the foods

There is a saying that somehow explains that anyone can do anything to host a good party, but if one is not able to serve delicious and good foods, then that will only tell that the party is not that good. Henceforth you must make sure that the foods served are good to the mouth and delectable.

Indian cuisines are wealthy and wide that you will certainly get an idea on what food to serve. Classic foods are chicken curry, naan, chicken tikka masala, and palak paneer.

Provide Decorations

You can accessorize the curtains and drapes by using dupattas or sarees. Provide comfortable couches for the guests.


You must maintain an energetic atmosphere so that your guests will not feel bored. You can use some kind of peppy Bollywood music. Also, you must not forget taking in the Bollywood movie. You can be resourceful and get help from an Indian video or music library so you would be able to get more options for your entertainment.

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