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Why Daylight Savings Petition Should Be Approved

Daylight saving time is a practice of forwarding the clocks so as to enjoy more daylight during the summer months. Some people refer to the daylight saving time as summer time or daylight savings time. If you live in the daylight saving time regions, you are required to advance your clock by an hour as you are approaching the spring and in autumn, you should set your clock back to the normal time. During the World War 1, daylight savings time was started in order to save on energy. Today, DST has been proven to have more disadvantages than advantages and there is a daylight saving petition. The following are the reasons why we need to stop daylight savings time.

Daylight savings time causes more road deaths. Summer time leads to fewer hours of sleep. In 2016, economist Austin C found that the one hour of sleep lost by the drivers as the spring forward has led to more road accidents and deaths. The daylight savings petition should be approved in order to reduce the number of road deaths.

Daylight saving time has led to high energy bills. During World War 1, there was an energy crisis and DST was created. Today, there are many sources of energy hence daylight saving time is not of any benefit. The DST is even making the energy bills to go higher. Air conditioning needs more energy compared to the lights and many families need air conditioning during the summer months. In order to lower the energy bills in many households, let us abolish DST.

Research shows that many cases of heart attacks are caused by daylight savings time. The blocking of the blood vessels found in the heart leads to a heart attack. The one hour of sleep loss as a result of advancing the clocks has been proven to lead to heart attack. Researchers discovered these by comparing the number of heart attacks on Monday after the clocks are forwarded and other Mondays during the year. In order to reduce the cases of heart attacks, let us abolish DST.

Traveling, timekeeping, medical billing, and timekeeping have been affected negatively by DST. Once clocks have gained an hour, travelers, bookkeepers, and record keepers are also forced to adjust their clocks. In order to give the travelers, bookkeepers and record keepers and easy time, we need to approve this petition.

Finally, daylight saving time is no longer of benefit to the farmers. The DST initially gave farmers an extra working hour but this has led to an hour lost in the morning which is supposed to be used in taking the produce to the market. The daylight savings time also forces the farmers to alter the milking schedule. Definitely, the daylight saving time petition should be approved.

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