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Signs of Brake Failure

The brake system makes a big part of the safety features of a car. You therefore need to check for any signs the brakes could be failing. You should get them repaired immediately in order to be sure you and those you are carrying are safe. When you have your brakes working properly; you shall manage to save lives, as opposed to when they were not working properly. Here are certain key indicators that there is a problem with the brakes that need to be addressed.

When you hear squealing sounds from the car when you apply brakes, know it is time to attend to them. It is normally a design in brakes that allows them to squeal when spoilt. There is a mechanism in them that shall cause the pads to squeal that way, to alert you to the situation. This shall call for contacting a brake repairs specialist. This is how you prevent things from escalating to a much worse scenario.

If the car also vibrated when you apply brakes, you know there is a problem. If you apply brakes; you should see the car to stop with no drama. But if notice shaking, vibrating, or other odd motions out of the car when you apply brakes, your braking system may have a problem. This may be warped rotors, which are where the brake pads grab the wheel to slow the car. Warped rotors make the braking system less effective.

Another sign of problems is a howling or grinding noise. This is normally a sign that the brake pads are so worn off, you have a little bit of it left, or none at all. This shall leave metal grinding against metal. This will need you to have the rotors or drums, as well as the pads, replaced. There is no other way for you to ensure the original braking power has been restored, as the manufacturer intended.

When the brake pedal is soft; it also is not a good sign. A pedal that has to be pushed all the way in for the braking system to react is an indication that the brake pads are most likely worn off. Apart from this, you may also be dealing with other issues such as low brake fluid, or air present in the brake lines.

Another sign is when you apply the brakes, and the car pulls to one side. This is also a sign that your braking system has a problem, such as a collapsed brake hose, uneven wear in the brake pads, or impurities in the brake fluid. This is why it is important to take the car in for diagnosis and repairs on the system.

Braking system problems must be attended to as soon as possible. Call the local auto repair shop and have them look at it.

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