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Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Harness.

Your dog can move around freely within the constraints of your home but things change when you get out to the public. A leash alone is not enough. When you pull the leash, if the dog had a harness on it will not hurt its throat or neck. You will not be happy about this situation in the event that the dogs collar is tight too. Also, the collar will not jump up when there is a harness. To make sure you do not screw up the process, you ought to be careful when you are buying a harness. You can choose between the front clip or a back clip. If you go for the front-clip, the leash attachment will be located at the center of your dogs chest. For the back-clip harness, you will be attaching the leash at the dogs shoulders or its back. In the event that you have a dog that is intent on pulling at the leash whenever you put it in one, you should invest in the front-clip models. You will be in a position to get better directional control if you do that. With a back-clip harness, you will get many styles and even patterns to pick from and there is also better comfort. Even so, these harnesses work better for calm and even small dogs. Also, a back-clip harness, when used on big dogs will cause the sled-dog effect.

There is also the point of getting constricting harnesses or not. The effect seen on choke collars is the same when any dog pulls. They are highly effective but not to be used without talking to your vet about that. Someone who does not use products accordingly can easily cause injuries to the dogs chest, the internal organs and also the ribs. Make sure you do not expose your dog to this. Another thing you need to consider the material the harness has been made of. You can get one made of fabric, nylon, leather or even plastic. If the dog loves chewing things, you need the harness to be sturdy. If the dog is always playing in a wet environment, the dog harness material should be able to dry faster. Also, you want to make sure the material will not be hard for you to clean.

There are also situations where the visibility of the harness will be something you will have to consider as well. You will enjoy exploring with the pooch if it has a harness that has good visibility. Some will even have tiny LED lights or reflective materials. If you want more info. about the best dog harness you can read more on this homepage or see more here.