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Tips on How to Introduce Your Pooch to a Kennel

Training a dog to stay in its den is one way of ensuring that it has ample rest. Kennels are more helpful in training a dog to attend to their bathroom issues with care. Dogs that have been trained to stay in a crate can be held there for hours without problems when one is traveling with them. You can now keep the puppy away from dangers by confining it in a cage. Pet owners can now minimize the puppys destructive behavior by placing it in the kennel. Allow your dog to rest from people who are visiting by allowing it to stay in an enclosed space. You need to know about various steps that are followed when training a dog to stay in a kennel.

Dogs should fit the pet properly when turning or standing, and thus you should ensure that the crate is not too small or excessively large. Remove excess space as this can make the dog to sleep on one corner and shun the other. You will find dealers who sell this product within your neighborhood.

It can take many days for the dog to become familiar with the crate and therefore this training should not be rushed. Ensure you create a pleasant experience when introducing the dog to a crate.

Your living room is the best locations to place the crate. You should place a towel which the pooch can lie on when sleeping. Some dogs are eager to learn more about the crate than others. Address the dog in a happy tone when you bring it to the kennel. Open the door and fasten it properly to avoid injuring the dog. You can encourage a dog by throwing some treats into the crate.

Begin feeding the pet near the crate. You will create a pleasant feeling for the dog by giving it food near the cage. Keep on pushing the dish a little further inside as the pet becomes more familiar with its den. Ensure you start familiarizing the dog from staying indoors by closing the door during their mealtime. Let the dog know that it is doesnt have to whine to get out of the cage.

Instruct the dog to get inside the crate. Appreciate the dog when it obliges to get into the crate. Increase the length of their stay in the kennel each day. Crate the dog when you leave home. Dont raise suspicion that you will not be around. You should not approach the dog enthusiastically when you come back. Train the dog to sleep in the crate when its dark. Know why the dog is whining at night. Never Ignore when the canine is producing an extended cry.

Teach your child about your puppys need for privacy when in the kennel. Confine your pet after allowing it to have adequate exercises to avoid instances where it harms itself. Ensure that you dont crate the dog when having a collar on its neck. These tips are crucial in ensuring that you give the dog a good experience.

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